Custom Cabinets

Built with quality and convenience in mind

Production vs. Custom Cabinets

Have you ever seen kitchen cabinets that look like they came out of a box and just don’t seem to fit the room? In many cases, these cabinets are too small and don’t utilize all the available space. Other prefabricated cabinets are made of cheap materials that break or scratch easily causing the cabinets to wear out and need replacing more often than necessary. Custom cabinets, however, can be designed to use all the available space and can be made from the materials that last for decades..

The Custom Cabinet Experience

Custom Designing Cabinets

Today, custom cabinets can be designed using kitchen design software that will show every detail before they are built, including 3D renditions. A high-quality software product will include custom cabinet manufacturer’s design files that display their entire product line with all the available door style options and colors. These design files can be inserted right into the cabinets designer’s working file.

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinets are not complete without the hardware that holds them together and makes them function. Hardware options have expanded in recent years to include hidden and self-closing hinges, modern knobs and pulls with more size and color options, soft-closing doors, and various type of earthquake-proof latches. Cabinet doors and drawers can also be designed without the need for knobs and pulls.

Cabinet Accessories

Cabinets are no longer just an empty storage container. Cabinet accessories have exploded with new features with every idea imaginable. Some ideas include roll-out drawers, trays, and baskets, roll-out spice racks, Lazy Susans to maximize corners, pull-out waste baskets or recycling tubs, drawer dividers, and much more. It’s important to check out all the options available when designing new cabinets.

Consider Your Options

If you’re a contractor, discover what’s new in cabinet design and innovation that you can share with potential customers. With realistic design imaging your customers can see what their new kitchen cabinets will look like before signing a contract. If you’re a homeowner, look at all the options you have available to you in cabinet design and accessories.